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Longstanton is a town and common ward in South Cambridgeshire, England, 6 miles (9.7 km) north-west of Cambridge downtown area. Longstanton involves 2,775 sections of land (1,123 ha). Longstanton was made in 1953 from the two areas of Long Stanton All Saints and Long Stanton St. Michael. Even though the town is called Longstanton, an elective structure Long Stanton can at present be found being used today, especially when alluding to the different pre-1953 areas or the current religious ward.

For the vast majority of its history Longstanton was part into two wards the bigger Long Stanton All Saints toward the north and the littler Long Stanton St. Michael toward the south. The two may have been viewed as of particular by 1086, when the Domesday Book alluded to a “Stanton” and a “Stantune” and were positively so by 1240, recognized in Liber Memorandorum Ecclesie de Bernewelle as “Stanton” and “the other Stanton”. The two towns were not officially amalgamated until 1953 and the two church wards were for all time joined in 1959.

All Saint’s Church, Longstanton

The main known reference to the town, going back to 1070 AD, calls the town “Stantonia” and depicts it as “an encased settlement of Stoney ground. When of the Domesday Book “Stanton” was one of the most crowded towns in the territory, with 67 worker inhabitants being recorded. By 1563 this had dwindled to 42 families, and the settlement had been surpassed in size by other close-by towns, for example, Chesterton. The populace vacillated somewhere in the range of 400 and 600 for a few centuries; in the 1901 registration, there were 340 occupants of Longstanton All Saints area and 93 occupants of Longstanton St Michael’s ward (populace of Longstanton was 443).